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It is hard going trying to tell people what an interdisciplinary information professional / librarian does. Either people want to immediately turn me into a public librarian (which I am not but would love to be) OR they think I am a computer programmer (which I have dabbled at and most certainly don't want to be). I am a solo librarian, document and knowledge manager, community organizer, and educator. My specialty areas are technology for small organizations and businesses, administration for non-profits, and agriculture and energy infrastructure. If I were in a library, it would be an academic research library, and, because my real specialty is interdisciplinary research, I would be in the sciences or the humanities or both! I have a less difficult time explaining why I find the above skills to be the best and most important skills to have and to teach. I do think it is because these skills impact people - including myself - in so many ways that have nothing to do with a professional calling, and they certainly don't seem to be associated with a job description like "information professional". That said, what I am capable of doing and who I am are obviously different realms. At the same time, what I do as a knowledge manager is inextricably linked to who I am as a person. I think this is because the skills involved in my professional life are really things that I love to do whether I get paid for them or not. It is just in my temperament.

Personalized Services
If you need it, I can deliver research and writing help, college prep. & student advisory for any age. I can also run your office, provide executive administration services, and help small businesses grow at the right pace by building good information management practices. Just as importantly, and depending on your specific needs, I can be your coach or your personal assistant. I can help you or your children turn desire into action.
Tailored Solutions
It truly is amazing what energy, devotion, willingness, and tenacity can accomplish. Especially if you set the right expectations. Tapping into local resources to get projects moving faster and with greater impact means knowing how to find and assess their fit with your own needs. Tapping into your own personal strengths and building resilience is something I can help you learn.
Creative Support
I am not a designer, but I can provide you essential tools for growing your online presence. I can also teach you how to evaluate the tech relationships you will need so that you don't have to learn the expensive way. And if you are looking to gain better than basic technical and project management skills to help you advance your career? I can help you do that too.
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