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heather lehman is an information professional who tries to stay focused on information access, scientific literacy, and community education. she does often stray into other territory: local first initiatives, access to and development of digital repositories, democratic and participatory planning, web development for small groups, distance education, food and farms.

heather has worked in support of educational, non-profit, not-for-profit, and community-based projects for over 15 years. she is a firm believer in informed decision making as the root of a good life. heather utilizes years of education and experience to support organizations to grow their messaging, services, and client satisfaction.

aa/t13 is an information technology project that was founded to help foster the habit of looking more closely at everyday objects and their relationships. Creating this habit makes it less likely that the objects’ origin and history “gets lost.”

In this way, I believe that we can learn to make decisions, including organizational and consumer decisions, that do not inadvertently promote atrocities in some part of the world that we cannot see. On our planet there really is no “away” where you can conveniently throw your trash, and where a thing starts is as important as where it ends. This is usually called a *cradle to grave* philosophy, and it is a widely applicable philosophy to which I adhere. I would even go so far as to uphold a *cradle to cradle* ethic that fosters further recycling and re-use.

Since its founding and through further study of this ethic, aa/ t13 has expanded into four main project areas: web and information work, collaborative film and events, local food and farm work through hearth of vancouver, and public / community arts and craft projects through blurrymonkey.