Thinking out loud.

Thinking about thinking is a favorite pastime. I spent years in philosophy and neurology and computer science classes as part of my studies of cognitive evolutionary development. At one time I thought that is what I wanted to research, study, and teach. Money and life intervened and my desires were distilled to wanting to teach; teach anything related to thinking -writing, research, math…um, fundamentals related to all subjects.

The course coverage of questioning techniques is my favorite part. I love both the simple and advanced methods of getting people to think, extend, connect their thinking. These skills allow people to move from one subject to another. Taking math lessons and moving them to social studies to geography and back again is one example. As an interdisciplinary person/librarian/educator, this is what I love the most. I think it is the most useful skill in the world as it allows a person to draw upon reserves and resources that would otherwise be hidden and/or out of reach.

In direct response to one of the videos, I never have fallen into the trap of thinking that thinking is easy. In fact, I learned early that breathing and thinking are skills that should not be left to general reflex.