11.12.15 Courses, classes, learning, teaching

I have always been an early adopter. I won’t say I am an innovator, but I know deeply that the early adopter curve and behavior is something I gained at high school when I was forced by circumstances to teach myself mathematics.

In a leap, I also have deeply held beliefs about human need to believe and how questioning is a skill that can shake belief and build understanding. The Why, What, How, Where, When, Who process is something that informs almost everything I do and it is a process that I am engaged in being able to teach. I don’t agree with the lecture reorganization of these questions, but not because it is not a most useful approach. I disagree because  view these questions as tools beyond a singular context and that they really have to be taken altogether and one at a time and altogether constantly! I am more partial to the big cluster diagram and I would work even more with that one.

The tool use and competencies diagnosis is an avenue that I am pursuing more and more. Largely, I am forced to do this because telling people that all database applications are so similar that I can work with most everyone is not helping me find a job. I have to list Salesforce, Ecert, Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, etc. And, because I want to get better at each tool, I must expand my competencies regarding databases and who they are for. May not be the best example, but it is one that resonates for me.

In the end, the industrial model of widget production and people educating is not my favorite and I want to scrap it all for intensive unschooling with rigorous assistance and time to learn. The modern world seems to frown on this idea. Teaching and learning in the wild! Best. Caption.Ever. It accepts appropriateness, differences, community AND core concepts and reiteration and interdisciplinary connectivity.

This almost last lecture in the first course happens to dovetail nicely with the lecture from my second course for this week. I can apply my understanding and learning to myself! What kind of teacher would I be/could I be/ am I? How do I teach? Why do I teach? And all those delicious questions. All of which will largely smack repeatedly against rules and policies. Always have done, always will do until or unless I am not in a rulebound structure.

Somatic – don’t EVER give this one up. Use it or lose it. Roll on the ground everyday.

Mythic – yup, storyteller and want to be a master teller!

Romantic – kinda sorta but only in the storyteller context

Philosophic – always. Grand Unified Theory and the manifestation of diversity

Ironic – always – testing the limits, pushing boundaries, sceptic

Self-efficacy is a hand in hand aspect of self-assessment and continuous learning.

I have to keep on learning – it is just part of who I am. I also believe that teaching is a final phase of solidifying true understanding of a subject. Strange to be constantly but seeking closure.