3.18.17 Management and library management, data and data visualization with Tableau

I like projects and I like business. Because of context I have not had the chance to run library projects for employment. My library project experience has been sporadic, while my information management projects have been constant. I have been immersed in two sets of courses for some months now and, though I have been staggering them one month on and one month off, I happen to be taking courses in each of the series at the same time this month. It has provided me the opportunity to think about management of any project, management of people, and the skills required to make decisions.

Marketing and outreach are core aspects of successful projects and enterprises, and I have been improving my understanding and skills in this area slowly and through real time projects. The combination of my current classes have reinforced my understanding of how critical it is to have buy-in that stems from real comprehension and to have data visualizations built into all reports to aid that comprehension. Now, I personally believe that the management of projects in the non-profit context needs more serious commitments to data comprehension and project focus than in the for-profit context where hierarchies of reporting are more likely to be present. I believe that this is true because of the types of stakeholder engagement that non-profits are engaged in and how internal stakeholder development, empowerment, and capacity is often neglected in the “rough and ready” mindset that non-profits rely on for too long.