Blogging now?

I have threatened to discipline myself back into writing for half my life. Obviously not much discipline mustered. Since I am now on hiatus from running (one of the other time and patience consuming thing I like to do), and I am forced into yet another personal reinvention, I figure I should throw my self at this once more. Maybe it will stick.

I have not yet implemented any of the habits required to do any of this writing with polish, I am just working on the habitual presentation. I have dug out a fair number of the half finished items that I have laying about. So, even without polish, I can feel accomplished in putting those few items in the done pile.  Or into bed. Or out of their misery. Depending on a lot of factors.

I am sure I will go on and on about the blurrymonkey concept that I have had rolling at low level for a few years (5), but right now I am just happy that I managed to keep to the yearly schedule of getting a project of greater than personal scale out every year and not just blow it off. The projects of greater than personal scale are always impractical and unwieldy. But they are often the most satisfying even in failure. Because it takes massive grace to just be part of something that takes off on its own course.

While certain projects really do help me manage levels of stress and sanity, some just augment the imbalance.  If I get to do weaving projects, basically I am saying “I don’t care if you starve to death, I am taking me time!” Very healing. If I get to do theater projects, I am certainly saying “I crave the company of the fabulous people I know!” Very energizing. And when I get to writing projects, I have inevitably said “that was crappy, excuse, excuse, excuse!”  Very humbling.

The point of this post is that I have satisfaction in achieving several modest, interconnected goals by getting this site overhaul, this post, and the half-done projects all ready to launch.  Not all of the projects are writing projects, but they all must be framed in some manner. Which means I am forced to write. This time, I am aiming for less excuses.