Learners are the focus – all the time and every time

Outcomes for Week Three: Influences on my Learning 11.18.15

To focus on learners it is important to understand your own learning. To start, it is a good practice to polish your skills for self-reflection. It is harder than it seems to start out because people are generally pretty poor at self assessment. Once you practice for a while, however, you can lose the “I am so terrible” and “I am the best” responses and find the “I can show that I know how to” and “I know I can improve” responses within your reflection.

All of the course material for this section was worthwhile, and the course teacher kept their promise that by the end of this week I would:

  • Understand that words have different meanings for learners and how this affects how children make sense of the different “codes” you use

Because I work with other academic types I am used to an assumed restricted code . This issue has been of real concern for me in communicating and I need to be better. I need to learn more to speak with less assumption about understanding contexts and associations.

  • Understand the importance of reflecting on your practice for the benefit of your learners and yourself and some questions you could use to help you reflect

I reflect everyday on my learning, my self, my path ahead, my options, my desires, my ability to focus. I do love being made to focus by the classwork at hand!

  • Be able to identify context, sources and strategies of understanding and dealing with conflict

Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes I do and I need to do more of it and I need to be in context and to role play and really, really get more exposure to practice the “tricks” I learn. I don’t think I am horrible, but I don’t think I am great either.

  • Start to think about how your beliefs and values and the way you model them impacts your learners.

I have daughter. I see it everyday. Mostly good. Should be better. When I think of myself in a classroom, I think of myself knowing these kids and having the time to know them!