Teaching Portfolio: me and my learning

Reflections on my progress through Myself and My learning: Being a Teacher

Focus on which self I am being is my priority. Which self I am trying to maintain? Which selves I am trying to elicit from students? My theater background helps enormously, but teaching is more like grounded improvisation and not so much a production. I seek out the best way to grow and maintain the parent role. The idea of *parent adult* is not as authoritarian as is often assumed with parenting. I see it as a role of great respect for appropriate learning / teaching and behaving.

The standard education model isn’t attractive and I seek out alternative pathways for myself and for teaching and for students. Not because of poor teaching, but because of the industrial model of student learning and lack of respect for teacher autonomy. I am gaining skills to make the most of the standard teaching environment. I am redefining my approach to alternative education models.

The questioning skill is exciting! Resources and the lectures pointed me to so many resources that I now practice because the review of my own/ current style shows where I can improve is motivating.  I spend more considered and consistent amounts of time watching teaching videos from around the world. Active listening is a practice, but it has always been less effective with kids than with workplace scenarios.

This difference, my own persona/self, and practicing engaging open question are now my first thoughts every day. I have experience both stable and unstable dynamics (re the transactional analysis video), and my own experience as an adult has sensitized me to overly authoritarian behaviors. Maybe it leads me to shy away from demands other than demands that are the basis of both self and community respect.

I spend dedicated time thinking about and writing out my current philosophy of learning/ teaching, and I agree it will change, has changed, and must change to fit the person as they grow.

Little needed direct document and research support in this exercise because my takeaway was a new found focus on self reflection. Specifically reflecting on teaching styles and learning styles.  Here is part of my current inspirations: