Not coordinated, and I already ate it all.

I have a big thing for poblano peppers. The best thing I can every year is poblano paste. It is versatile, goes as good on toast as it does in some more complicated dish. Makes eggs divine and mac’n’cheese glorious. Yes, poblanos! Poblanos are nightshades, and I am sorry for people who can’t eat that family of plants. But I secretly and deviously feel excited because that means there are more for me!

I just relocated to Whatcom County and had just enough time over the summer to connect with a few brilliant farmers. I certainly did not get to can like I like. I did get to can with my sister, and so that made up for the lack of bounty in a lot of ways. I am used to accessing as many small farms as I can throw money at, and that is a habit I refuse to break. This year, however, money was short, moving was stressful, tomatoes only half arrived (FFS!), onion fig jam was a wash. We did make rose hip jam, some enchilada sauce, blackberry lemon lavender jam, and a wee bit of poblano paste. My first batch was gone within two weeks of having cleaned, cut,roasted, blended and canned them. I cried at the end of the one jar. Seriously.

But, this post has a happy, happy ending. The sweetest thing happened with Osprey Hill Farm when I was first trying to tell Anna and her hub that I am a psycho farm advocate who really wants to be their friend. They showed me their lovely greenhouse (hello, on rails, moveable, cool, filled with awesome). And in that greenhouse were a few scrumptious rows of poblanos. My drooling was obvious.As was my greed. I casually mentioned how excited I was to have received poblanos in my CSA box and asked if we would get more. To my surprise, Anna said that people in Whatcom don’t use poblanos, don’t really know what to do with them, and that they were really an introduction/ special item for “fun”. For fun? What the hell, people. These are poblanos! The darling of Puebla. The backbone of Mole Poblano. The “I am so full of Vitamin A, fiber, and Potassium that I can heal you with my shiny power” pepper. So, I say immediately “what are you going to do with all of these then?”

To my delight, Anna was quite happy to sell me the rest of those poblanos. And I think she understands I am not kidding when I said I will buy all of them next year too. I know it is not for everyone, and that it isn’t even ordinary to by in bulk directly from a farm unless you are running a  business (which I was), but it was at that moment that my entire transition to Bellingham felt like it really would be okay. My work is outstanding, my sister is nearby, my girl C is in a good school, and I know a farmer who will grow me poblanos and tomatoes.

This morning, as I wind up the prep on the last 25lb of poblanos for the season, I made poblano egg crepes with cashew lime crema (I use a hell of a lot more lime juice, but this is the basic) and pink salt. Sorry about the no picture thing, but I couldn’t not eat them immediately. They were pretty. And I am more than grateful that I live in an ag state.