Planning the Baba Yaga Challenge

Another EPIC costume!

I have the entire planning and construction map of C’s Baba Yaga House costume done! (It is inspired by THIS.) I could go on at length about the power of my daughter’s quirky take on being in the world. It is likely that I will write about this at some point, but for now I am just supportive as hell and pretty amazed most of the time.

I love this stage of a project: planning every last detail before execution. I admit I learned this in my home economics classes.

The first of the runs to hardware stores should happen this next week. My own outfit, Baba Yaga,  is still more concept than plan, but its beauty will be the face piece more than anything else.

This year we will combine stilts and more prosthetic skills to our suite of tricks. I am more than a little excited as I had wanted to start this last year. Money issues intervened, but it now seems that everything is aligning and the timing won’t be too squinched.

Things to remember this time

I really want to and will post updates as part of construction this time instead of as an after thought. This will be part of learning how to document progress and planning better.