Professional development and personal too!

professional development and personal development through mythical scultpure creation
gugulanna in the making

Constant Professional Development…OR ELSE

Getting distracted or redirected and having to course correct my life – it is neverending! I have to make peace with what seems a decade of upheaval. That and buying a new car and revisiting my original professional development trajectory. Again.

I have stopped the math review to catch up on some datawarehousing tools and db refreshers. So, to that end, Straighterline will have to wait, Coursera certificates are my goal, and I am not excited about Lynwood carmalls.

Course Platform Review

Straighterline is not that worthwhile a course system and its content is middling. It is more a lesson in perseverance and closer reading on my part than a real learning experience. Coursera, so far, has been really quite good. Udemy is hit or miss, and should really be like a shotgun for adding content to Degreed etc. The instructional design critique and the experience of accessing the content in all of these has been a good refresher of best practices.

Life Platform Review

All that stuff on the professional development front keeps my mind sharp and busy, but the personal development stuff keeps me sane. At this time the personal front is all about community and costume. I was contemplating a cornugon outfit for Halloween, but I am now contemplating re-purposing the bull and plotting a weekend for building low stilts for C and I to practice. If I can pull off the above schedule, the stilts and the hexayurt, I will the freak queen of the universe this summer.