Washington needs to stand – all of our communities!

We need to all take a long hard look at what we take for granted around our state. And, we need to remember how many times we have driven up the I-5 corridor, or the Gorge, or through the NorthCascades area and said “I remember when this….” and then went on to wonder why the excessive stripmalls, clearcuts, and pavement keep on going.

As we do that, we need to realize that the expansion of coal transport through Washington is not business as usual and that to allow corporations to do shove their way through our communities for nothing – no money, no jobs, no health security – is like giving up. On ourselves, and on our people.

Let’s not do that. And let’s start saying no by signing on here:


Then we can get together again and create ways to say NO! to this exploitation and YES! to something positive for all.