Work to teach.

I did start in on Foundations of Teaching and Learning  today, and I am making the appropriate changes to my weekly schedule to get in 3-5 hours of class time. I don’t foresee a lot of problems on that front, but I have to be honest that I am already running a 40 hour work week, 3 hours math practice, 2 hours spanish, the Salesforce trailhead tutorials, and, yeah, a life with my 10.5 year old supersweetie and our involvement in her school. I will make it work.

Summary of today’s learning: I have a hard time with “how I want to be” worksheets. I am not in a classic learning/teaching setting though I would like to be! I am always a learning, hopefully I am an available teacher and will continue to be an available teacher with great and useful stuff to share. I don’t think I am a terrible teacher, I think I suffer from lack of structured class environment and the requirement to prepare my own curriculum or advance a ready made one. I do a lot of translating materials into course items or looking at the flow of existing courses, and that helps me but does not mean I “have it all together.” So, I will go back to that exercise when it is more appropriate.

I like the lecture content, but the lecturer is a little slow for my tastes. That said, I should probably slow down.

I am freaking out, still, about the amount of time kids are on the damn computer or connected to internet communications in the rich countries.  I am an unapologetic mom/teacher who thinks under ten – twelve should be outside or with peers in the real world. Waldorf and the like for me, please. Plus, we have lots of info now that all that screen time does nothing to promote actual competence and learning. (Will need to post citations.)

Also, I believe in restructuring the entire society away from techno-dependent behaviors that are built on the backs of global slave systems. More on that later, I am sure. I am so glad that the focus of the lecture was that school is for getting together and being social!

My take away is the struggle that teachers still face in terms of defining themselves as and being seen as professionals. As a librarian, I have struggled with this one a lot as I often get asked “you have to go to school for that?” more than I ever thought I would. The FACT that teaching is viewed as “women’s work” and that “women’s work” is used as a denigrating phrase is one I have wrestled with before but now find a renewed interest in approaching.

P.S. I am also slowly progressing through the Google for Educators course work and running refresh and review on instructional design items on Now that I write it all down, I think I need a vacation.